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  struttura IN A FEW WORDS
Age: XVII century
Where: in the country not far from the Adriatic sea, Corato-Puglia ”the oil town”
Parking: cars and coaches
Halls: 3 large ones
Restaurant: max 80 people
Beds : 25
Open Space : 50 hectares
Services: playing ground, 2 riding grounds, riding school tennis field, Football field, mountain bikes, kitchen laboratory, picking  mushrooms and wild plants, disabili
Open : all year long

Farm Tourist present of:
strada dei vini agriturist strada dell'olio
Tenuta Pedale

corridoio"Pedale farm" is a very old building, a fortified one, which is so called after latin "Pedus incolae": the inhabitants of the hillside. People settled along the coast were forced to leave their settlements because of the constant attacks of raiders of the sea. They moved and built their village here, in a safer spot. ”Pedale” has belonged to the same local family for the last two centuries: they still live here and will be pleased to welcome you when you get here!! Living even a few days in Pedale will offer you something you are not used to: the land breeze which seems to tell you past histories, the scent of wild flowers, the brilliant endless silver-green of time- borghettosculpured olive trees. You’ll be made part of nature, surrounded by the sunny, mysterious, untrodden country of southern Italy. At night you’ll hear the music coming from a far past, your own past! The light noise of the dancing leaves, the cries of hidden night creatures will step into your room making you part of Mother Nature, it’ll be your journey into your own History.

NATURE, HISTORY, TRADITIONAL FOOD, SILENCE is exactly wath your host will offer you: dishes keeping old country flavour, complete relax in rooms once inhabited either by tenant farmers or by farm workers: they seem to go on telling you of their humble lives. The furniture is an old one, services and comfort are up to date!

  Azienda Agrituristica Tenuta Pedale - Via Tratturello Pedale, 28 - Corato (Bari) - S.P. 234 Km. 29,500
Cell. +39.345.3313510
C.F.: MLCRSO44A41C983D - P.IVA: 02401780727
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